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Over 90% of our O' Level students got A's & B's
in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 !

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Experiments give students hands-on experience.

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Dynamic Presentations Relate
Physics to the real world

Singapore Science Tuition

Daniel Milton Education offers Tuition Classes in Singapore for Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 Science, as well as Physics, Chemistry and Biology Tuition for the levels of Secondary 3 through JC2. We also offer tuition to students in IB and IP programs.

We teach only Science Subjects, because that is what we are the best at. Our tutors have an appreciation of getting the students to learn science by understanding how to apply the concepts. This is in contrast to many other tuition centers and tutors that rely heavily on memorization. Students at our center are not just learning facts, they are developing problem solving skills. We have seen great results for students who can make the transition to thinking clearly about their subjects (see our testimonials page).

For more information, contact us at: 9734 1028 or 9783 2908

September Revision Classes for Science

Secondary 1 Science Revision Classes
Secondary 2 Science Revision Classes

Weekly Classes for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Secondary 1 Science Tuition
Secondary 2 Science Tuition

Secondary 3 Physics Tuition
Secondary 3 Chemistry Tuition
Secondary 3 Biology Tuition

Secondary 4 Physics Tuition
Secondary 4 Chemistry Tuition
Secondary 4 Biology Tuition

JC1 Physics Tuition
JC1 Chemistry Tuition

JC2 Physics Tuition
JC2 Chemistry Tuition

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