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For many students, we performed a calorimetry experiment during the month of July. Here is a tutorial on a calorimetry problem that is a little more complex than the experiment. This is an A-Level difficulty problem. But many of you at O-Level should be able to follow this now.

Calorimetry Problem. A 5kg block of ice at -10C is inside an insulated container. 130C steam is used to melt the ice at constant atmospheric pressure. The resulting mixture is water at 50C. If there is no transfer of heat to the container, find the mass of the steam that was used to melt the ice.

 Tutorial: Calorimetry 

Recently I have covered Work and Energy with both O-Level and A-Level groups. Here is a tutorial for a block on an incline plane. This is a good way to review the law of conservation of energy as it applies to mechanics. For those of you at O-Level, this tutorial introduces the idea of a coefficient of friction, a very common A-Level test topic. It is not too complicated – the coefficient of friction is a fraction that represents the percentage of the normal force that acts as the force of friction.

Block on an Incline Plane. A block slides down a 58 degree inclined plane with a slant length of 4 meters. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the plane is 0.25. What is the velocity at the bottom of the plane ? The block starts from rest.

 Tutorial: Block on Incline 

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