Start the School Year by Getting Ahead!

Do you know that getting ahead in your schoolwork means that you spend less time in the long run? Every year, students come to me in March in a panic. They are behind in their class. Now they have to play catch up. Each time they are attending a class at school they don’t understand anything that is being said. So it takes them twice or three times as long to learn a topic. In contrast, students that get ahead early have an easier time for the whole year.
Here are three quick tips for starting the school year in a science class:

1. If you don’t understand something in class, ask questions. The classroom is a place for learning. If you say nothing, that means you miss the opportunity to learn. And you have less chance of understanding lesson #2 if you never ask questions during lesson #1. Don’t be shy – ask questions.

2. Read your textbook after your lessons or when you have at least some understanding of the topic. Reading builds your vocabulary because you see new words in proper context. And reading also helps when it comes to writing answers to questions. Don’t limit your understanding to short summary notes.

3. Seek to learn how to solve problems. Memorize your basic facts and formulas, but beyond that, don’t try to memorize your way through science! Learn the thinking and the logic behind how to solve problems and you will be on the faster road to success.

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