Our Teaching Method

Our Teaching Method

1. Understand the concepts: We want students to understand the important concepts of science, not to memorize them. Part of education is taking the students through the process of making sense out of things. Then they learn to use this approach in all of their learning. They rely on the ability they have developed to understand things, rather than relying on memory. In order to establish good understanding, a student first needs good clear explanations from a teacher who knows the material well and is good at explaining things.
2. Develop Problem Solving Skills: There are categories of problems in science, meaning problems that require a similar approach to solving. We build the student’s problem solving skills, so that they can recognize the type of problem and use a methodical approach to get the answer.
3. Relate Science to the Real World: Students need to see the connection between what they are learning and the real world. This helps solidify their understanding and it can help them become interested and self-motivated to learn.
4. Practice on School Test Questions: The reality is that students are measured by how well they do on their school tests and on standardized tests such as O-Level, A-Level and IB exams. In every course we do practice test questions taken from schools and/or the standardized exams. Students are coached on how to most effectively answer their exam questions.

Our Results

Please see our testimonials page for comments from students and parents on their success when running our live classes. Our results include:

1. Excellent Test Scores: Among our students are top students in their class for the entire school year and achievers of A1 grades on the O-Level and A-Level. We also have many students who go from failing to getting A’s or B’s in their classes.
2. Writing and Reading Comprehension Improvement: These skills are emphasised in our classes. We have many students who comment that they can now more fully understand their test questions and formulate written answers. They also have an improved ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.
3. Students Remember What they Learn: Students who learn from by our method are able to retain what they have learned as they move from one level to the next. We avoid techniques that rely on short term memory and concentrate on building the skills that will benefit the student at the next level, and also enrich them in their careers as they go on in life. This is what education is supposed to be all about!


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