O-Level Combined Science Physics

In comparing Combined Science Physics to the Pure Physics O-Level, there are three points to make:

  1. Some of the topics that are on the Pure O-Level are not on the Combined O-Level. So some of the course links that exist for Pure Physics, do not appear here for Combined.

  2. Some of the topics have the same content for Pure and Combined. In those cases the links here will go to the same courses as for Pure. Some courses have sections labelled as advanced content and these will be beyond the level of the Combined Science O-Level Exam. You can do these sections only if your school is testing the harder content.

  3. Some of the topics for Combined are significantly easier than for Pure. Two topics that are much easier in Combined Science are Kinetic Model of Matter and Thermal Properties of Matter. So I created a special course with both of those topics together just for students in Combined Science.

By following the links below, you can preview a course for free, and you will get a discounted price if you decide to buy. It is recommended that you always follow the links from this page to get the best price, and to make sure you are linking to the right course for the Combined Science O-Level.



Dynamics(Forces) and Mass,Weight,Density

Transfer of Thermal Energy (Heat Transfer)

Kinetic Model and Thermal Properties of Matter


More courses are currently in development.



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