Why Take Online Courses?

Some customers ask, why take online courses instead of, or in addition to, attending live tuition classes? After tutoring live classes for 8 years, I came to the conclusion that for the majority of the students I encountered, they would be better served by online courses. Here’s why:

1. The information is available when you need it.

Student A joins a live tuition class in January. We go over Newton’s Third Law of Motion. He understands. Then he has his first test two months later in March. He needs to hear the explanation again, preferably a day or two before the test. So it will be fresh in his mind how to phrase the explanation and he can be reminded of the kinds of questions where he needs to apply the concept. The topic comes up again on his midyear in May, again on his end of year exam in September, and yet again, a year later, when he takes the O-Level or a standardized exam. There is no expiration date for the online courses on the platform we are using. You pay only once for the course (there is no monthly subscription) and you have it whenever you need it.

2. A student can choose when to study.

Student B has a history test on Friday morning at 9:00AM. It is Thursday after school and she really wants to study history. But she has physics tuition today and it is a topic that she does not really understand yet, and it will take up a lot of her brain power. But her physics test is next Monday, not tomorrow. She will have plenty of time over the weekend to study her physics, but right now she would rather not even think about it, because her history grade is on the line tomorrow. School seems so stressful.
If she is using online courses, she can study history at the time when she needs and study physics at the time when she needs.

3. Travel time and scheduling conflicts are reduced, so precious time is saved.

How many times has a parent had to juggle their child’s schedule? A tennis match was rescheduled to conflict with math tuition. The school scheduled remedial chemistry lessons at the last minute, which now conflicts with english tuition. And the student has travel time to all the various lessons. We used to joke that for some children, the mom was their PA (personal assistant), with a part time job of handling their schedule and transportation.
Our online courses can be viewed on mobile devices, so if a student has a 30 minute bus ride, and they really need to revise on the topic of Kinematics, they can do so.

4. You are getting an expert tutor with an excellent reputation.

If you are going to invest your time and money into improving your education, it makes sense to be learning from someone who is very effective, can communicate well, and can really help you both improve your grades and really understand the topic properly. You can check out our testimonials page which contains a lot of comments from parents and students over the years I have done live tutoring. After doing the live classes and running a tutoring center, I have a good feel for what students really need help with. I have packed all of this experience into my materials and video presentations.

5. Compared to live classes or tutors, the cost is much less.

The printable notes and worksheets and the videos that are provided with each topic represent in most cases what would take me at least 2 lessons to cover if I were doing live tutoring. If you follow the links from this webpage, you will get discounted prices, and it ends up being only 10% of what we used to charge when we ran our tutoring center.

One thing that used to bother me was that some of our potential customers just couldn’t afford the lessons, but I knew the student would really benefit from them. Now we can offer the material at a much lower cost, making it more affordable for a larger number of people.

So whether you want to replace live tuition with the online courses, or just want to give a couple of topics a try to see if this style of learning fits you, I think you will find these resources to be of excellent quality and worthwhile. I wish you the best of success in your studies!

Daniel Milton


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