Tutor Profile – Daniel Milton Oman


Master of Science Physics

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Daniel has been tutoring secondary school and Junior College students in Singapore since 2009. He founded a tuition center which offered tutoring in Physics, Chemistry and Biology from 2014 through May of 2017. He now offeres online courses based on his experience.

The results of his O-Level students for the year 2010-2015 were excellent with over 90% of students getting A’s and B’s.

Daniel also has 5 years of teaching experience in the USA. He taught at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida and at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando. He has published research in Lasers, Solar Energy and Semiconductors.

Daniel also had a 14 year career in the semiconductor industry, so he has a very practical way of delivering his lessons.

Daniel and Robert have published several books together. Physics for the Utterly Confused and Calculus for the Utterly Confused were both published by McGraw-Hill and are available in bookstores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble.

A more advanced publication with McGraw-Hill is How to Solve Physics Problems. This book goes into greater depth and is written for University level students majoring in physics or engineering.

Daniel has also written his own materials for the online classes. His experience in writing for major publishers has helped him to produce professional quality material.


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