Testimonials from Live Classes

From an E8 to an A1
Thank you for tutoring me for the past 2 months. Your patient teaching is very effective, not just in helping me remember and apply information, but also in increasing my understanding of various Science concepts. With your help, my results jumped by 7 grades, from an E8 to an A1. Thank you for your guidance!

K. Heng, Sec 2 IP, HCI student, Year 2016

Great improvement in passion and grades
My daughter only managed a pass for science in primary school even though she attended science tuition. Realising that secondary science is going to get tougher with biology, physics and chem, I decided she would need a dedicated tutor who is passionate about Science. I chanced upon a website where Dr Daniel often contributes his time to help answer questions posted by parents. I decided to enrol my girl. I made the right decision, she started to like science, often self study and wanted to do better. She scored A2 for science, an amazing result coming from her. We contribute her great improvement to Dr Daniel's guidance. Thank you!

Lina, mom of Gwenda, Sec 1 St Margaret Sec, Year 2016

Understand science concepts better
Great materials and well-structured revision papers.
Ethan understands the concept better and has been able to perform well for both of his science papers.
He has definitely greatly benefitted from the lessons with Daniel Milton. Thank you!

Mrs Yong, parent of Sec 1, ACSI student, Year 2016

Clear and concise teaching style
Thank you Daniel Milton Education for helping my daughter with her science. She likes the teaching style which was clear and concise. Had improved much. With appreciation from a grateful mother.

Mrs Loo, parent of Sec 2 MGS student, Year 2016

Enjoyable lessons!
Dr Daniel is cheerful and he always gives simple explanations to complex physics concepts. I really enjoy attending his lessons!

Sarah Mak, Sec 3 IP Student, SCGS, Year 2016

Improvement in grades from near failures to A1!
Thanks a lot for all the help you have given my son throughout this one year. His grades have skyrocketed from near failures to A1s in the short span of one year. He especially enjoyed his classes with Daniel Milton Education as they help him to understand with clarity where and what his problems were, and fit his school syllabus very nicely. This has allowed him to focus on his weaknesses and work on them, and for this, my son was very grateful.

Mrs Sarah Wong, parent of Sec 2 IP, SJI student, Year 2016

Distinction in Physics & Biology – Monash University Foundation Year
It started off with taking one of the holiday programs for the O levels. Clear and concise explanations were given by Dr Daniel, and the notes of which he provided was simple to understand even though the content was complex. Thanks to Dr Daniel, my physics went up by two grades. Once I entered Pre University, I could not help but continue tuition at Daniel Milton Education. Dr Daniel 's book, How To Solve Physics Problems contained clear and detailed explanations of physics concepts as well as examples. This time, I decided to enrol in biology tuition as well, as I had no prior biology background. The teachers at Daniel Milton Education are all highly experienced and qualified, and they all were able to see to my academic needs and help me appropriately. As a result, I was able to obtain a High Distinction for my biology in the Monash University Foundation Year. I am now a first year Medical Student in Monash University, known for its prestigious Medical Faculty, and I certainly recommend this prodigious tuition centre without a doubt.

Alpha CHUA, Sec 4 School of Science and Technology, Singapore, 2013. Monash University Foundation Year, 2014

A2 for Sec 1 Science
Alan enjoys his lessons very much at Daniel Milton Education. He always mentioned that their notes are very useful and he files them for easy reference. His result is A2 in SA1 and I hope to push him to high A1 so that he is eligible for science class in Sec 3.

Mrs Yvonne Tham, mother of Alan THAM, Sec 1 Science, Pierce Sec, 2015

Improvement in Grades and Confidence
Under the teaching of Dr Daniel, Andriel has rekindled his interest for Science. He has for the first time since he attends Secondary school felt that he can do well for the subject. Both his grades and his confidence have improved. It has been a positive learning experience for him. Thank you Dr Daniel!

Peggy Tan, Mother of Andriel CHEONG, Sec 1 Hwa Chong Inst, 2015

A2 for Physics O’Level
I would like to thank Dr. Daniel M. Oman for his dedication, unwavering guidance and support towards the development of my understanding in Physics. His classes are always interactive and supplemented with detailed notes, and he is always willing to clear my doubts and answer my questions. I first joined in June 2014 when my Physics grade was a C5, and in just 5 months, I managed to pull my grade up to an A2 for the O-Levels. Thank you so much for all your help!

Marc Ong, Sec 4 Student, SJI, Year 2014

A1 for Physics O’Level
Initially I struggled a lot with Physics, flunking every paper. The physics lessons at Daniel Milton Education are effective in ensuring that the students grasp and understand the concepts being taught. The topics covered in the tuition class are ahead of what’s being taught in school, hence I am better prepared for it when my school teacher covers it again. In the end, I got an A1 for my O levels. A major improvement from an F9!

Chia Kaili, Sec 4 Student, Presbyterian High School, Year 2014

A2 for Physics O’Level
Daniel Milton Education Physics classes have helped me greatly in understanding the principles behind the laws and concepts in Physics, and in learning how to apply them. For a student who initially scored C6s for Physics, I eventually obtained an A2 in my O’ Level examinations. He helps us to understand each step as we worked out the questions, so that we could flexibly apply this knowledge to solve other problems. Thank you Dr. Daniel Milton for enabling us to understand Physics, rather than memorising the textbook!”

Ariel Christian, Sec 4 Student, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Year 2014

IB Grade 7!
The Daniel Milton Education Physics tutor has helped me greatly in improving my Physics grade from a 5 to a 7 (Highest Grade). The concepts are presented in an interesting way, which enables me to understand them. It helps a lot that I am able to pose questions to him when I am in doubt.

Denise Lim, JC2 IB Student, ACSI, Year 2014

Topped My Level!
Before joining Daniel Milton Education I did not understand the topics in my science class. Dr. Daniel's lessons helped me clear my grey areas. We did experiments which were fun and interesting. The fact that he follows the school syllabus closely allowed me to make vast improvements and top my level with 92% on CA1!

Rachel Teo, Sec 1 Student, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School, year 2014

Dramatic Improvement in 2 months!
I have benefited from only two months of tuition classes as my result has drastically increased from a devastating E8 to a B3 in O'levels! The tuition class helped me strengthen my foundation in physics, providing me with a plethora of materials that gave me a deeper insight into my weaker topics such as Electromagnetic Induction.

Chong Yik Sheng, Sec 4 Student, Fairfield Methodist, Year 2013

From Failing to a B
Before joining Daniel Milton Education, my physics was terrible, I had never passed any physics examination. But after joining, I found physics more interesting and in the end I managed a B4 for O'Level Physics!

Zach Chuah, Sec 4 Student, ACS Barker Rd, Year 2013

Topped My Class!
At the start of my Secondary 1 education, I was having trouble coping with my Physical Sciences because most of the topics taught were new to me. After joining Daniel Milton Education in February, I began to notice an improvement in my Physical Sciences. And in my Mid-Year Examinations, I topped my class with a score of 96 marks ! Mr. Daniel teaches ahead of my teacher in school. This gives me an opportunity to review what I have learnt when my school teacher runs through the lesson.

Leon Zhang, Sec 3 IP Student, ACSI, Year 2014 (Leon was not in IP program for Sec 1 and Sec 2)

My son, Leon Zhang, has been with Dr. Daniel Milton for 2 years since he began his secondary school journey at ACS (I) in 2012. He missed ACS(I) IP program by a few points, however, he likes science and asks a lot of questions which I sometimes cannot help much. Under Daniel’s guidance, Leon’s interests and passion for science are further cultivated and developed. At the end of Sec. 2, Leon was not only promoted to ACS(I) IP program, but also selected to their school-based “Accelerated Class” for triple science subjects combination. I have to thank Daniel for his solid knowledge in the field of science, friendly teaching method, and sort of tailor-made strategies to cater different students’ needs. All of these helped Leon to come to this stage.

Kasey Ma, Sec 3 Parent, ACSI, Year 2014

Learned critical thinking and got IB grade 7 !
My time with Daniel Milton Education has been a fruitful one. Classes are always engaging, teaching is very personalized and the syllabus is covered in great detail. This past year has taught me not to rely on memory but to learn to analyze questions and think critically. Good results are an added bonus to the important study skills I have picked up here that will serve me well into University.
I got a 7 (top grade) for my SL Physics 🙂 Thank you so much for all your help this past year !

Anne Lim, Year 6 IB Student, ACSI, year 2013

Good Atmosphere for Learning
I enjoy coming over every week for assistance with my understanding of my curriculum at school because both the tutor and the atmosphere allow me to learn comfortably at my own pace. Daniel Oman has been a great help this year in helping me understand the concepts and context of the material that we are given by the school. Also, he somehow manages to create his own unique worksheets and assignments which he shares with students, helping us further understand what we are learning. Daniel Milton Education makes it comfortable and possible for me to pick up the topics bit by bit and I definitely like this way of teaching, which suits me best.

Matthew Lau, Sec 2 Student, ACSI, year 2013

Patient Teacher
I have been studying with Daniel Milton Education for close to a year. I find Daniel Oman to be extremely patient in helping me develop the key concepts of physics through his printed notes and guided questions. He makes sure that I fully grasp the concepts and understand the topics. His patience really helps a student like me that struggles with physics.

Stefanie Goh, IB Year 5 Student, St Josephs Institution, year 2013

A1 on the A'Level !
Thanks so much for all your help since JC1 and getting me from a U grade to an A1 on the A'Level! Thanks for generating an interest in physics in me and advice on Universities.

Enzhao Wang, JC2 Student, Raffles JC, Year 2012

Makes the Learning Process Enjoyable
Dr Daniel is a very dedicated teacher, who is always willing to share his vast experience and knowledge in the field of physics. He often cites examples of how physics can be applied in the real world, thereby making physics more relevant to us and easier to understand. He is able to explain key concepts clearly, reinforcing them with visuals, which makes the learning process much easier and more enjoyable.
Update, Jan 2014:I got a 6 on my IB HL exam. I am really pleased because it far exceeded my expectations:) Thank you so much for all your help these two years!

Dorothy Tan, IB Year 6 student, ACSI, year 2013

Another A1 on the O-Level
Haahaa! Thanks! You really helped me a lot with my physics! If I ever need phy tuition again, I'll definately look for you !

Gao Wei Lee, Sec 4 student, year 2012

A1 On the O-Level 2012
I got an A1 on my O-Level Physics! Daniels’s Physics tuition classes are interesting as he would sometimes also talk about concepts outside of the ‘O’ Level Syllabus but useful in JC. Also, he is patient with students who are slower to learn and understand certain topics. He also makes his lessons straight to the point, thus increasing time for practices and discussions. One thing that should be noted is that he doesn’t spoon feed; he coaches. Thanks for making Physics enjoyable!

Hong Wei Tin, Sec 4 Anderson Secondary student, year 2012

Concepts Made Clear
Like others, understanding Physics was an issue for me. However, after attending lessons at Daniel Milton Education, concepts became much clearer and easier to grasp. The interesting lessons have also allowed me to develop a passion for Physics. I think I topped my class for my final test 🙂

Arnold Goh, Sec 3 Student, Hwa Chong Institution, year 2012

Pass with flying colours !
I am glad that my son Ye Hern has passed his science exam with flying colours after bringing him to your lesson! He loves your lesson so much and keeps telling me that your lesson is so interesting and he loves science so much now. All thanks to Daniel Milton Education.

Dorothy Wong Jia Xin, Sec 1 parent, Juying Secondary, year 2012

No passes to A!
Before I enrolled with Daniel, my physics was horrible. I didn't manage to pass a single test and didn't have a clue what was going on during classes. After seeing Daniel and clearing up all my doubts, my physics has improved greatly. I even managed to score an A on my term exams! Thanks Daniel.

Adriel Ho, JC2 Student, ACJC, Year 2012

Dedicated Teacher
Physics was my son’s weakest subject and he has failed all his physics exams in JC1. We sent him to Mr Daniel Oman for tuition. He is a very helpful and dedicated teacher and his fees are reasonable. My son was very keen to attend his lesson and showed interest in the subject. He has great improvement after coaching from Mr Daniel. I am thankful to Mr Daniel Oman for being a great Physics tutor to my son.

Maggie Lee, Parent of JC2 student, year 2012

Interest Ignited !
My eldest son disliked physics during lower secondary due to uninteresting teaching at school. After meeting Dr. Oman for a few sessions, his interest was ignited due to the simple manner of explanation. Topics like light and electricity were expressed in logical terms for understanding. Since then, his grades improved over time. More importantly, a dislike for the subject was changed to one of improved confidence. My younger son is also now attending tuition, and together with his brother, enjoys physics.

H.J.Tan, Parent of Sec 4 student, St Joseph’s Institution and Sec 2 student, Hwa Chong Institution, year 2011

From C6 to A1 !
I just recently sent my nephew to Daniel for Physics tuition. As my nephew just came to Singapore to study in Sec 3, he was struggling with his Physics and in the first term, he scored C6 for physics. But after several sessions with Daniel, he improved to an A1 last term!

Andy Hun, Uncle of Sec 3 student, St Hilda's, June 2011

Parents of A student on the O-Level
Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr Daniel for helping our eldest son get, as he puts it, "awesome results" in his recent O-level exams. Dr Daniel gave Carlo so much more than just physics knowledge. With his mentoring, our son developed his eagerness to learn and understand physics. And with Carlos' great interest in Physics, he is pursuing his studies further at poly by taking up a course relevant to it.

Jay & Rowie Pisigan, parents of Sec 4 student, Yishun Town Sec School, year 2010

Knows the A-Level Syllabus Well
I took H2 physics tuition from Mr Oman when I was sitting for the A levels as a private candidate and I would highly recommend him….. He is knowledgeable, responsible and knows the syllabus well. He also helped me to understand key concepts with his explanation and patience. He is extremely approachable with any questions you might have as well.

Russell Chua, Private Candidate for A-Level, year 2010

100% on recent test
Mr. Oman's physics lessons are helping me link together important concepts into actual application. I am now able to understand physics problems and not just struggle to solve them. My weakest areas of physics have now become some of my strongest, thanks to his extra help. A result from these lessons was the recent 100% I received on a physics test at school!

Bianca Barletta, 11th Grade, Singapore American School, year 2011

Clear Understanding
Mr. Oman has always been a very caring teacher. He always makes sure we understand one concept clearly before moving on to the next. He makes his lessons interesting with occasional experiments and by talking to us about things beyond our syllabus. Under his guidance, I have become very passionate about physics and have achieved excellent results.

Sec 2 IP Student, Raffles Institution, year 2011

Accelerated Learning
Mr Oman's classes have taught me a lot of things about physics that I have found to help me accelerate during science lessons at school. They are also filled with interesting and fun-filled experiments demonstrating the concepts behind the science. The classes also help to explain and simplify the difficult topics we learn at school , such as the use of vernier calipers. All in all, I would certainly recommend these classes to anyone.

Sec 1 IP Student, Raffles Institution, year 2010

Tuition Materials are Helpful
Comprehensive notes in addition to a wide variety of questions are given for each lesson, which help to reinforce important concepts in a particular topic. Tests are given on a regular basis, allowing me to track my progress. Doing the ten year series also helped a lot as there are many instances where similar questions appeared on the o level. Also, studying the actual answer schemes to the o level exams is a great help as they show the ideal answers for the exam.

Hui Jun Chin, Sec 4, Zhenghua Secondary School Student, year 2010

More Interested in Science Now
My marks went from a mere 55/100 (4 points in IB) to a high 85/100 (7 points in IB). In his lesson, physics was not only taught for exams, but many life-examples and humor were used. This caused my interest for this subject to increase. Animation was also shown on a huge screen that livens up the lesson. This science lesson is also not only theory. We did a few experiments too! It was very interesting.

Brendon Chan, Sec 1 student, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Year 2010

Weak to Confidently Strong
Before attending Daniel’s Physics tutoring, my daughter failed miserably in her Physics exams and she lost all hope of ever passing Physics. I was deeply concerned and anxious for her. After she started attending, I saw her interest and confidence in Physics grow, so that she looked forward to taking every Physics test paper. That’s because, not only did she pass her Physics test, her grades in Physics went from good to excellent. Thank you, Daniel, you did a great job!

Ms Cynthia Chng, Parent of Sec 3 Student – Year 2009

A1 with Confidence
Our son’s grade went from E8 last term to A1 this term. His confidence in physics soared. He says time flies when he is in your class because the lessons are enjoyable. We are thankful for your guidance, Daniel.

Ms Vanessa Ng, Parent of Sec 3 Student – Year 2010

From Fail to A1 in Physics
Thanks to Daniel, I went from failing my Physics badly to passing with A1 for my End-Of-Year examination! He made Physics simple, interesting and practical to me, so I started to understand Physics better. His passion for Physics reignited my interest and confidence in Physics. Thank you for making a difference in me!

Joey Tan, Sec 3 student, Changkat Changi Secondary School – Year 2009


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